Gay Literature is about just that…whatever it means.

I don’t believe gay literature is a genre, but there is no denying that there is literature about gay themes, characters and, sometimes written by gay men.

What is the big issue with gay literature? Mainly, that it has not been accepted into the mainstream. Unlike lesbian literature, which, through classics like The Color Purple has smashed through the doors of mainstream readership and literature, gay literature has not, and is relegated to a corner of the literary bookshelf.

Why? I think there are many reasons for it. To start with, gay literary texts have not yet made the big breakthrough which sometimes they deserve, so, my mission is to find those texts and authors that deserve to be looked at with great attention to finally build a consistent history of gay literature and promote those contemporary ones that are on the verge of making it…

There is also a circumstantial element: the proliferation of m/m books, mainly written by straight women for straight women, which is nothing more than a fashion, has smothered the voice of serious gay literature under the louder sound of ridicule, and hidden gay literature from sight, in the chase of easy profit.

Finally, the third reason why gay literature has not yet made it is because of some readers, mainly some straight men who profess themselves ‘gay friendly’ but will never consider reading a book about gay life. To them I ask to think about what sort of ‘friends’ they are, and to think about how many times gay men have empathised with straight characters without ever making an issue of it…equality goes two ways and we are not a freak show…

Martin Davies

Born in Wales, I live in London. I have a great passion for literature, of all sorts, not just gay, and for history. I am also a bit of a philosopher and…you will notice…very opinionated.



5 thoughts on “About”

  1. You bring up important issues and I would be grateful for an opportunity to contact you privately.

  2. Interesting blog and I just shared a “plea” of yours on Facebook. I’d love to connect, as I (and my publishing house) am one of those writers of gay literature. Best, Hans

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog. It is of interest to me having recently published a novel with relevant content. http://www.fagthenovel.com

    I’d love to contribute something to your blog if you’d like that.

    Best wishes

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