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I have been in touch with an extraordinary author and poet and he has been nagging me to promote poetry. I concur with him that poetry has become very popular all over the Internet, but almost extinct in bookshops. He points out that Byron was a superstar, selling around 100,000 copies a week! Now living on poetry is unthinkable… It’s a sad state of affairs, as poetry is meant to be the most intense expression of ourselves in literature.

So, mumble, mumble, I came up with the idea of having a poetry corner for LGBT poets and poetry which has any relevance (please read this as loosely as you wish) to the LGBT community.

What I am asking poets to do is to contact me with the following:

1- A poem
2- A paragraph about how the poem relates (loosely or not)
3- A link to the poetry collection if you have one.
4- Any artwork you wish included.

You can send everything as a comment to this thread; I’ll do all the rest.