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Recently, I have discovered this website, simply called Gay-Literature.com.

I have been browsing it, checking what is available on this site, and this is not a blog, nor is it a publicity site: it simply collects the best of contemporary gay literature. 

What can you find on it? Excerpts from novels if great quality, poems, short stories, reviews and biographies of leading contemporary authors dealing with gay themes and characters.

What differentiates this site from many other sites is that all the content is selected according to it’s literary quality. It must be clear by now that I am concerned with good quality gay literature. Though I don’t feel gay literature is a genre (and I think the word ‘genre’ is overrated: why should everything be a genre?), there is no doubt that gay literature does exist.

Unfortunately, I think it has recently been smothered by m/m novels, by which I mean (see my post on vampires) novels that are openly written to exploit a craze and fascination, mainly by straight women, with gay sex. Nothing in principle against it, but that is a totally distorted (and transient) perception of LGBT art and in particular gay literature.

Gay-Literature.com has none of that, it only features good, if not outstanding, gay literary texts and authors. If you want to find out who are the leading authorities and texts in gay literature, add this site to your favourite bar and trust their judgement. I think I will soon write an essay for them myself; that is what literature is about (as well): provoking ideas and finding new ways of expression.

From my experience reading posts all over the Internet, there is a general frustration by readers who find it hard, in this flooding of pseudo-gay novels, to find out real gay literature..not anymore…there is a site wholly dedicated to it, just read the texts and make up your own mind! When I say there are great gay literature authors out there, I am not kidding you. In fact, I believe some of our best writers deal with gay issues (including Ian McEwan…), but are totally lost in the fog of fashionable vampires…